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Day I Got Tumblr.

Been meaning to set one of these up for a while. So here it is, I’m finally getting round to it.

I feel like I should start by introducing myself. My name is Thomas Reah. I’m 18 years old (almost 19!), UK-based. I study Sociology at the University of Sunderland.
I make electronic music of varying sub-categories (such as chiptune, breakcore, ambient and the like) under the pseudonym of Shonen. More information about this, and links to download and listen to my work can be found at www.myspace.com/shonentune. Aside to this, I also make music by more traditional means. I play the guitar (electric and acoustic), bass guitar, and keyboards & piano.
Music genres that tend to take my interest involve rock, “indie”, electronic (breakcore/IDM, dance, drum and bass, chiptune/8bit, electro), art-rock, classical, and a little pop every now and then. This varies over time, however. I don’t like to constrain myself to just one type of music, and I think those that do are idiots. I also think that to stop listening to a band or genre you love, just because it got popular, is ridiculous.  
I’m the textbook definition of a geek. I love my laptop, I’m never away from it. I crave knowledge; I’m constantly reading up on things on wikipedia/google/YouTube. Some even say that all I do is go on YouTube! I own an iPod Touch, and use it for more than just listening to music. In fact, I’ve transformed my iPod from a listening device, into a music-creating device, consisting of various sequencers, a virtual piano, windchime, two drumkits, and a turntable. My pride and joy. Another thing which, I suppose, is geeky, is that I seem to have great disposition to any form of sport and exercise. I’ve tried to keep up with work-out routines in the past, but have always failed, and I’m certainly no good at any sports.

Formalities aside, I should explain what the purpose of this tumblr page will be.
I will use this page to keep viewers up-to-date on any various projects (musical or otherwise) I choose to undertake, and just to log any thoughts and important occurences where I see necessary. If you’re lucky, I might even share some interesting crap that I find lying around the internet with you.

I’m aware that this has been a rather long-winded first post, and I’m also aware that it’s after 2am (I have uni tomorrow! D:), so I will leave it there. Hopefully, you shall await my first real post with baited breath (please?). I know I look forward to it.

Untill then,
Tom x